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Our toy library began as the dream of Mrs. Martha Arms, a kindergarten teacher in St Albans for many years. It was her philosophy that ‘toys should be available to all’, and that ‘every child has the right to play’. It was largely due to her efforts that the toy library was formed in 1980. The Martha Arms Toy Library wants children to have fun whilst developing various skills, attitudes & responsibilities. Raising awareness of the value & importance of play is a priority, as children learn & develop through all aspects of play. Information on stages of child development can also be provided.

Toy Library aims to have a positive effect on the lives of the families in the City of Brimbank & surrounding districts by encouraging parents to play with their children, using our wide range of quality toys appropriate to their children’s developmental stages & interests.



They have a lot to offer you, your child and the community.

  • provide affordable access to a range of toys for families with children;
  • provide good quality and stimulating toys to families;
  • give families access to toys and activities to assist the children in developing skills, awareness and positive play experiences;
  • support play between parents / grandparents and their children / grandchildren;
  • ensure children have the opportunity to play with age appropriate toys to meet their developmental milestones;
  • encourage members of the community to develop social networks through becoming involved in the Toy Library.


  • To borrow quality educational toys, puzzles & games;
  • To save money;
  • To borrow larger toys – bikes, scooters, kitchens, car, slides, and other such toys that take up large amounts of space at home;
  • To expose your child to a greater range of play experiences;
  • To find out what toys and games your child likes to play with;
  • To meet and chat with other parents;
  • To contribute to your local community;
  • To learn about child development & the importance of play;
  • To contribute to your child’s development.


The Library is open to all families with children aged birth to approximately 8 years. Preference is given to people who live within Brimbank municipality. It is a requirement that normal members help out with Roster Duty once a school term.