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MATL has a variety of Membership categories:

Family Membership – $40.00 per year (for small families)
Entitles a member to borrow 2 toys & 1 puzzle at a time

Extended Family Membership – $55.00 per year (for larger families)
Entitles a member to borrow up to 4 toys & 2 puzzles at a time

Unfunded Group (e.g. Playgroup, Family Day Care Workers) – $58.00 per year
Entitles a member to borrow up to 6 toys & 2 puzzles at a time

Funded Group e.g. Kindergarten – $80.00 per year
Entitles the member to borrow up to 6 toys & 2 puzzles.

  • There is a borrowing Fee of 30 cents per toy or puzzle each time you borrow.
  • All fees are payable for 12 months on July 1st of each year; or pro rata from the date of joining. Fees may be paid in advance half yearly e.g. July & January.
  • Fees can be paid by cash, cheque or Direct Credit to our Bank Account.
  • Fees are non-refundable and not transferable.
  • It is compulsory for members to volunteer 2 Saturday mornings per semester to assist in the library – this is called Roster Duty.

    Click here to download the Membership application form.


All members are required to do a Roster Duty Session once a school term. You can nominate which date suits you or a date will be allocated for you.  Duty involves checking returned toys against the inventory list on the toy’s bag / card. It is not difficult and is shared with two other toy library members. Duty is busy but enjoyable and is a great chance for you to see the range of toys that are available. Popular toys are often returned and borrowed out again in the same session.


A Volunteer supports Toy Library members with day-to-day running of Toy Library. They do not regularly borrow toys. 

MATL encourages members of the community to develop social networks through becoming involved in Toy Library. A person who wishes to become a Volunteer may not necessarily have children, e.g. he/she may be a tertiary student, or a retired older person. 
For more information contact the Secretary via:

Mail: P.O. Box 4221, Keilor Downs  3038