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Returning Toys


  1. The Borrower takes their toys for checking to the members on duty. 
  2. The Duty Members check that the toy(s) are clean, complete, undamaged and safe. 
  3. The Borrowers can then replace the toys on the correct shelf or tables in the library ready to be borrowed out again. Large toys, such as tricycles or slides, maybe left on the floor.

Borrowing Toys


  1. Families may borrow up to 3 – 6 items (depending on membership type).  
  2. The Borrower is responsible for checking the toy before taking it home (e.g. ensure that all the pieces are in the bag, and that the activities are safe and clean).
  3. The Borrower takes the toys they wish to borrow to the Main Desk where the Duty  Officer will record the loans.
  4. If the toy has a fault (e.g. missing pieces, flat batteries, damaged), please report this to the Duty member before taking the toy home.
  • Please supervise your children at all times.
  • Do not allow children to remove pieces from toys in bags, this helps to ensure that pieces are not lost and the Members on Duty are not left with extra toys to pack up at the end of the session.