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Martha Arms Toy Library have on offer over 1,000 toys with categories ranging through:

Developmental Play is a very important part of growing up for every child. Every game a child plays develops some skill for later life, whether it is manual dexterity and balance or the mental exercise of putting a puzzle together (later problem solving).

Always take care to choose toys, activities or puzzles that are appropriate to your child’s age and capabilities.  It can be a very frustrating experience for a child if they sit down with a difficult puzzle and try to complete it alone. If you explain the process (patiently), help them get started and successfully complete the puzzle, they will have learnt something, had fun with you and gained a feeling of being successful.

A major part of good, developmental play is play with a parent or another adult. We strongly encourage you to borrow toys that encourage you to play constructively with your children.


Play in early childhood is should be spontaneous and free, directed by the child and is seldom tidy. The materials used in messy play promote and stimulate play.  The materials are flexible, so that ideas can change or be extended as children play, there is no one right way to do things; they must think and plan and imagine.

Not all children want to make something – they may just want to explore the feel of the material. This is part of exploring their environment and learning by doing. Children think in a very physical, active way – so when they are playing with these flexible messy materials they are thinking with their hands, and making changes in the material to keep up with their creative thoughts.

Children need messy play to keep in touch with the natural world.

Messy play allows children to release strong feelings, it provides opportunities for acceptable ways to distract as well as construct.

Messy play can also be remarkably soothing to children. This is partly because they can play in their own way instead of following adult ‘directions’.

Along with this Martha Arms Toy Library offers games, puzzles and the opportunity to borrow toys for children’s parties (See Party Pack).
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